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According to Ayurveda--India's ancient health system and yoga's sister science--we all have a unique combination in our bodies of the energies called doshas: vata (the energy of movement, or catabolic processes), pitta (the energy of transformation or metabolic processes), and kapha (the energy of building, or anabolic processes).

Unfortunately, our daily routines, diets, seasons of the year, seasons of life, and even times of the day can create imbalances in these doshic energies that might make us feel out of sorts or--if unchanged for long periods of time--even cause illness. 

In this Ayurvedic consultation,  you will work with Susan, a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, to determine imbalances in your system and receive diet and lifestyle recommendations to restore doshic balance and find more ease and well-being in your life. 

Susan's approach to Ayurveda is both grounded in traditional wisdom as well as modern and unique.

We will typically schedule this Ayurvedic consultation in two parts--an initial intake session followed by a second session to receive your recommendations.


You might also choose to follow your Ayurvedic consultation with health coaching, which will give you an accountability partner to foster long-term, sustainable change. 

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